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Hours of Operation

Both facilities are open to youth ages 7-18, Monday – Friday, from 3pm to 9pm during the school year. Youth ages 7-12 are welcome until 7pm. After this time, the building is reserved for ages 13-18 until 9pm. Please make sure your youth are picked up in a timely manner.

Modified Hours: On school recess days, we will modify our hours to better serve the youth. When school have a scheduled day off, we will open from 11am – 7pm. Below are the school schedules we follow:

Oneida/West DePere – Civic Center open 11-7

Oneida/Seymour – Cliff Webster open 11-7

Weather: In the event of the cancelation of schools, facilities will operate according to the schedule below:

Oneida cancelation – Both facilities open 11-7

West DePere cancelation – Civic Center open 11-7

Seymour cancelation – Cliff Webster open 11-7

All 3 schools canceled – Both facilities open 9-5

Additional/Contact Info