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About Child Support

“The Oneida Nation Child Support Agency is dedicated to providing the highest degree of customer service to ensure the financial and emotional well being of Oneida children is met”

What can Oneida Nation Child Support do different?

  1. Oneida does not charge interest on arrears. (Arrears accrued prior to case transfer are still owed).
  2. Oneida does not charge an annual receipt and disbursement fee.
  3. Oneida case managers have smaller caseloads than state case managers.
  4. Oneida reviews child support cases every 2 years and not every 3 years as the states.
  5. Oneida can offer families the option of child support including non-cash payments or in-kind support.

About Child Support Slideshow Click Here

Councilwoman Jennifer Webster and Child Support Director Trina Schuyler met with Tangular Gray, Commissioner for the Office of Child Support Enforcement and Lee Spoonhunter, Councilman for the Northern Arapaho Tribe at the Office of Child Support Enforcement Tribal Consultations on April 6, 2023.



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