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Water Based Adventures

Oneida Adventures offers opportunities for you to participate in multiple types of aquatic sports. Our skilled and experienced  staff have the knowledge keep you informed and provide a safe, fun experience for you and your team/family/friends. Learn more about our water based adventures by clicking on the tabs or calling (920) 490-3846. Check out the August events flyer and register to participate in our upcoming programming! 

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Introduction to Kayaking Class

Learn the Basics

Participants will learn basic kayak skills and maneuvers including paddle strokes, stopping techniques, wet exits, and more! Oneida Adventures certified staff will ensure you have the skills needed to join us on one of our many opportunities to participate in one of our day trips in the summer months.


Try Kayaking!

This class will prepare adults to join Oneida Adventures in sea kayak tours in the summer months. (*It is not required for recreational kayak tours.) Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and explore Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers; there is a lot to discover!

Adults and youth age 15 and older are welcome to join this interactive class.

*Youth 15 and older must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Watch for more information on how to sign up for one of our informative classes! Pool classes usually run in the late winter/early spring months. 

See our brochure to sign up for kayaking classes!

Sea Kayaking

Learn the Basics

Paddle with our experienced instructors on local lakes or sign up for a trip that takes you to the scenic surrounding bodies of water! We will provide instruction on basic paddle strokes, turning, and safe handling of your vessel. Using our equipment or your pre-approved equipment, you will leave your adventure with a renewed appreciation of nature and a connection to the water.


Try Kayaking!

Watch for more information on how to sign up for one of our scenic kayak trips. Paddling the beautiful Oneida Lake or one of the many surrounding rivers or bodies of water can be so much more fun when you are with a great group of people. Lively conversation combined with a knowledgeable staff makes this experience just right for everyone. Oneida Adventures has everything you need to give kayaking a try. Using our boats, life jackets, and safety gear, we will take you on a trip lasting anywhere from one hour to multiple day trips.

Kayak and Canoe Tour and Trips

Bonding Experience

Grab your family and friends and experience the serene rivers in the greater region of Green Bay. Using our canoes and flotation vests and paddles, the knowledgeable tour leaders will inform you of points of interest along the way while providing a safe, fun experience!


Find Your Adventurous Spirit!

Depart from Oneida Adventures or meet us at the pre-designated site to begin your adventure. Ranging from one hour to a full day, We will observe nature from the water. Birds, turtles, fish and mammals curiosities creates an opportunity for us to see them! Canoeing will allow us to experience first hand the peaceful environment that our beautiful local waters lends itself to. Please watch for information on how to join us for a peaceful paddle!


Kayak Fishing

Kayaking and fishing in the same sport?  See Oneida Adventures to check this out! Kayak fishing is a great way to incorporate two great sports. The fishing is great on the Oneida Lake. We caught several different types of fish, some of which were catch and release and some were ones we could keep. Conservation has done a great job of maintain the fish population and the quality of fishing on the lake. Handicap accessible docks are available if you don’t want to kayak. Conservation is looking at expanding the size of the lake. Watch for updates on that.  Even if the fish aren’t biting, the wildlife is breathtaking. Eagles, hawks, osprey, turtles, deer and aquatic plants are abundant. Contact us for more information.

Additional/Contact Info