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Sustain Oneida

The Sustain Oneida Initiative continues to gather more information on the membership’s perspective of using blood quantum as an enrollment criteria. If you would like to participate, please take a brief survey by clicking the link below:


My Hope for Oneida’s Enrollment, May 2021 by Keith Doxtator, Director of Trust Enrollment Dept.

September 2019 Sustain Oneida Survey 

The Issue/Crisis

The current blood quantum enrollment requirement places Oneida on the path to extinction. Blood quantum is not a sustainable enrollment solution because:

According to Oneida Enrollment records, the enrolled citizenship of Oneida is expected to decline within the next 10 years. The Tribe currently faces a shrinking population with the enrollment criteria of 1/4 Oneida blood.

Only 42% of all enrolled Oneida citizens had at least ½ Oneida blood at the end of 2013. Only 23% of new Oneida enrollees in 2013 had at least ½ blood degree.

What Sustain Oneida has done so far

To understand the Oneida Nation’s thoughts and opinions on Enrollment criteria we had sent a survey to all Oneida members aged 18 and older in May 2018. See below for the survey results.

To increase awareness of enrollment/identity issues and trends in Oneida we have:

Hosted a Summit in 2013 and 2015 to foster dialogue and gather input from the community on identity, enrollment, and what it means to be Oneida. Results were gathered and analyzed and are being used for future planning activities.

Published a series of newspaper articles in the Kalihwisaks and DRUMS newsletter. These have included guest writers and information on other tribes like Klamath and White Earth. We are currently republishing the series in the newspaper.

Conducted interviews of Oneida citizens, tribal council members, high school and middle school youth groups. Gathered their ideas about community, engagement and enrollment. Published findings in the
Kalihwisaks and DRUMS.

Responsibility as Oneida

We are all Oneida. It is our responsibility to preserve the Oneida Nation for future generations. In order to do this we must:

Understand the reality of the Oneida Nation’s population numbers.

Examine tribal citizen eligibility rates, issues and concerns.

Begin serious discussions about redefining tribal enrollment

Learn about and discuss all alternative enrollment options.

Maintain an environment of openness to discuss the long-term sustainability of the Oneida Nation.

Continue discussions/dialogue so that all voices can be heard. This way we can move forward together as a Nation.

Contact Us

We will continue to share information on this topic via the Kalihwisaks, posted to our website and at future GTC meetings. Your input is needed and valued! Here is where you can begin the dialogue:

John Danforth: Project Specialist


Community Survey

Brown Bags

Sustain Oneida Presentation There are no brown bags schedule at this time

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