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Aging & Disability Resource Library

Elder Library_Final

Theresa Sanchez, Library Aide.


The Oneida Aging & Disability Services Library features books, puzzles, pictures from the community, movies, and computers. Our Library Aide is available in the mornings to assist elders utilizing the library. Library participates are afforded the opportunity to learn personal computer application software and may ask staff for assistance. We can also call the Community Education Center to assist as needed.

Computers and networks are powerful enabling technologies for accessing and distributing information and knowledge. These technologies leverage each individual’s ability to access and copy information from remote sources. We also have the equipment to convert pictures off of memory card from a digital camera. Users are asked to be mindful of the rights of others privacy, intellectual property, and personal information. Inappropriate use is defined in the Oneida Tribe Computer Resource Ordinance and is available as requested.

Accessing our Library is simple. Stop in, ask to enter the Library, and a staff member will greet you. You will be asked to sign in and out so we can make sure everyone is accounted for in case of an emergency.

We ask for your cooperation in keeping this area clean and orderly. We hope to maintain an environment that supports an enjoyable use of the computer or any part of the Library.

These computers are here for the elders so we ask that young adults or children are not on the computer unless they are assisting an elder. We have a printer available and ask that each person be responsible. Donations are accepted for any printing requests.

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