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Native American Family Caregivers Program

NAFCG serves two (2) types of unpaid caregivers:

Caregiver: Adult family member or close acquaintance who performs caregiving tasks. When a dependency situation emerges this person(s) performs tasks designed to assist an individual with routine activities that previously were performed with out assistance.

Grandparent or elder relative caregiver: Grandparent or step-grandparent of a child or relative of a child by blood, marriage or adoption, is 55 years or older; lives with the child and:

  • Has legal custody or guardianship or is informally raising the child.
  • Is the primary caregiver because the biological or adoptive parents are unable or unwilling to be primary caregiver.

The services of NAFCG:

1.Caregiver and recipient must reside within the Oneida Nation Reservation to qualify for the NAFCG Program.

2.Assistance to caregivers in gaining access to available services.

3.Organizing support groups and caregiver training to assist the caregivers in the area of health, nutrition, making decisions and solving problems relating to their caregiving role.

4.Respite care to enable caregivers relief of care giving role.

5.Monthly Native American Family Caregiver/Alzheimer Support Group for family caregivers.

6.Powerful Tools For Caregiver Workshop is a class for Caregivers.

7.NAFCG Loan Closet: Is to assist caregivers in caring for the recipient at no charge.

8.Items available to borrow from the Loan Closet:

• Extended reachers • Walker with a seat

• Bedside Commode • Portable ramps • Tub bars

• Easy grip utensil set • Standard or portable wheel chair


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