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We are glad your visiting our website, there is plenty to view.  Our quality, state licensed Child Care Center offers services that are the building blocks for healthy families.



Our mission is to provide a safe caring nurturing environment with plenty of opportunities for children to learn and grow. Our center provides an Oneida cultural base curriculum, in addition to implementing developmentally appropriate practices that support the individual development of all children via the Creative Curriculum.

We offer a secured center, healthy meals/snacks, computers with learning games for children age three and up, access to an on-call Nurse, preventive health care opportunities like physicals, dental screening and updated immunizations. Plus we have more space for each child which exceeds State licensing regulations.

The center is staffed with 20 teachers and 8 support staff. Our staff exceeds credentialing needed to fill their positions. The staff’s education ranges from minimum requirements to B.S. degrees in Early Childhood as well as continuing education. We train our staff in CPR, First Aid, Safety as well as two in-house training sessions per year.

We also have three “Teacher Trainee” positions for Oneida Enrolled individuals who are interested in teaching or child care work. These positions cover extensive child care training.

Then and Now

At the time of the Center opening the population of children were predominately from the workers of the Oneida Nation Casinos. This quickly changed within the first two years when fees were set. Now our family population consists of departments within the tribe, and the public.

The center was opened to the public December 1994, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. We served children from the ages of six weeks – twelve years of age. We have since changed our hours of operation to 6:15 a.m. – 5:15 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and we care for children from six weeks of age – five years of age (not in Kindergarten).

The center is subsidized an average of 82% by the Oneida Nation, which allows OCC to charge minimal fees. The Center can now house 91 children. We are three out of five stars on YoungStar rating scale. We choose to be State Licensed by the State of Wisconsin.

Five P's of Customer Service

“First, be proud”  That means having confidence in yourself and the job you do. It means viewing yourself as an expert, someone who has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a valuable service to customers.

“Second, be professional” That means always putting the customer first. It means speaking up if you know some piece of information that will help the customer.

“Third, be polite” Customers deserve respect and consideration. That means saying “please” and “thank you”, smiling and treating all their questions seriously. It means delivering the same great service even if you are having a bad day.

“Fourth, be prompt” Never keep a customer waiting. Put aside everything else — paperwork, phone calls, whatever – to serve the customer. If you tell a customer you are going to do something at a certain times, ensure you do it.

“Fifth, be personal” This is the most important one. Customers want and need personal attention. They want to be treated as individuals not as numbers. Get to know your customers. Ask about their families, their jobs, their interests. Let them know you care about them as human beings.

Scope of Services

What types of services are provided to Tribal Citizens
a. OCCD follows the Creative Curriculum which is:
              •Developmentally appropriate.
              •Teacher use friendly.
              •Easily implemented using standard Early childhood equipment and materials.
              •Includes roles for parents.
              •Includes a tracing program to support staff on its implementation.
b. Provide vitally-needed services to families in the form of high quality educational program care for their children, for a fee.
c. Provide Child Care services that allow for preventive health care opportunities by requiring physicals, dental screening, and updated immunizations.
d. Provide meals that meet nutritional needs of the children, by having planned meals            monitored by a certified nutritionist.
e. The OCCD will assist all families with referrals to appropriate agencies to locate the types of services that they may need.
f. OCCD will collaborate with OCCFSS regarding referrals.
g. OCCD is Licensed by the State of Wisconsin under Group Child Care regulations.
h. OCCD provides educational opportunities for families to attend our regular scheduled in-    service training which have a variety of subjects related to meeting licensing regulations.

What types of funding sources do these services have? (Grants and or Tribal contribution).
a. Tribal Contribution.
b. Child Care Initiatives Grant monies when available.
c. In-Kind Contributions in the form of donations of paper, toys, clothing, etc.

Who can access these services? (only people on the reservation, people within certain miles of the reservation, people outside the reservation, all, etc.).
a. Both Tribal and Non-Tribal on or off the reservation can access these services.
b. Families must apply to be on the waiting list when no immediate space is available.

What are the criteria used to determine if they are eligible? (do not need to go into detail, provide a general statement).
a. Being the highest priority.
        •Siblings of children already enrolled at Oneida Child Care.
        •Tribal members working for the Tribe.
        •Tribal members.
        •Non-Tribal members working for the Tribe.
        •Non-Tribal members not working for the Tribe.
b. Families who are in “Write Off” status with Oneida Child Care are unable to utilize services in the future.

What is “Unique Care”?
a. When vacant slots are available, Child Care may take in families for a short amount of time.

Additional/Contact Info