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About Us


The Oneida Trust Enrollment Committee (OTEC) was established per a General Tribal Council (GTC) Resolution 4/28/1974 in order to manage and distribute the Oneida Nation’s trust funds. The first trust fund was established from the settlement of the Indian Claims Commission in 1967. These duties are carried out by the Trust Enrollment Department.

The Trust side invests the funds in a sustainable and responsible way in correlation to Oneida’s values. Its gains are used as directed by the GTC. In order to ensure the growth of our trust funds, the Trust team works in collaboration with nine external financial institutions as part of our “Money Management Team”.

In 1993, the Trust Enrollment Department took control of tribal enrollment from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Enrollment side maintains the membership records, processes enrollment requests and descendancy certifications pursuant to the Oneida Membership Ordinance.

Since our indoctrination, OTEC and the Trust Enrollment Department now manages the General Per Capita Endowment Fund; Elder’s Per Capita, Education, General Welfare Trust; Minor’s Trust Funds; Legal Incompetents; Disability Fund; Acheson Endowment Fund, and the Language Revitalization Fund. We also participate in other projects for the Oneida Nation including the Sustain Oneida Initiative, consultation of Minors Trust processes, shareholder advocacy, and Oneida Life Insurance Plan Plus (OLIPP).

As GTC continues to direct new per capita distribution plans, OTEC generates income from the trust funds to pay elders 65 years and older, and maintains the enrollment data to complete the payments. All of this has been accomplished with the OTEC vision, “Sustain the Oneida membership and protect our trust assets,” in order to accomplish the OTEC mission, “To exercise stewardship over tribal enrollment and trust assets while providing leadership to sustain the Tribe.”

Trust Enrollment Committee        By-Laws


Interim Director
John Danforth
(920) 869-6203

Executive Assistant
Venessa Cardish
(920) 490-3931

Financial Analyst
Terry Cornelius
(920) 490-3932

Payment & Enrollment Supervisor
Kelly Danforth
(920) 869-6204

Enrollment Specialist
Cindy Niesen
(920) 869-6207 

  Death Benefits Coordinator
 Michelle John
 (920) 869-6201          

Payment Administrator
Brady Moreno (920) 869-6205






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