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Apple Orchard front and signThe Oneida Apple Orchard has 30 acres of original orchard and an additional 10 acres of new orchard, which now totals approximately 4,000 trees. The majority of the apples are McIntosh, Cortlands, and Honey Golds with twenty other varieties also available. There is also a wide variety of fresh produce products such as: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, sweetcorn, squash and pumpkins. Due to weather, the variety of fresh produce will vary. It is located at 3976 West Mason Street, Oneida, WI 54155.

Current hours: Mon-Wed Closed, Thursday Noon to 5:30pm, Fri-Sun 9am – 5:30pm

For updates and more information visit our Facebook page!

Click here for a map of the orchard

The Apple Orchard offers pick your own apples or vegetables.

Please call (920) 869 2468 or e-mail for varieties and picking hours.

Part of the Orchards goal is to generate interest in the area of agriculture as well as encourage our children to understand at a young age, the importance of growing healthy food, and finding natural ways to eliminate pests. The Apple Orchard hosts field trips for area schools. It has been quite successful in generating the children’s interest in agriculture. It has also taught them that there are many techniques such as the Inegrated Pest Management (IPM) where we only treat the crop when necessary and we are able to produce a quality product in a safe sustainable way. Other ways to eliminate pests are trapping insects, releasing bugs to control other bugs.

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