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–About Public Transit


Oneida Public Transit provides safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation that supports life-long opportunities to strengthen education, well-being, and ts?niyukwalihot^ “Our Ways” throughout the Oneida Community.




The Oneida Public Transit Department’s primary goal is to be the leading transportation on-demand non-emergency service in our area by:

  • Meeting the needs of our community.
  • Constantly reviewing and improving our services and operations.

In carrying out our assigned duties the Oneida Public Transit Department will:

  • Give top priority to the safety of community members while riding transit.
  • Give a very high priority to the protection of property and environment.
  • Encourage the professional and personal development of our co-workers.
  • Work as a team to take full advantage of our knowledge, skills, and creativity.
  • Communicate openly and honestly with our co-workers, the community, the tribal, state and federal government.

Maintain a high level of performance that will inspire trust and confidence from our community.

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