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In This Section

Yonʌhali:yó – Community Advocacy

Programs Overview

“A good vine” – Yonʌhali:yó
With deep roots, a broad reach, and healthy fruit in the community formerly known as Oneida Domestic Abuse and Prevention.
Same services, new name!

Yonʌhali:yó – Community Advocacy inspires Native People to engage in healthy life choices, promoting total wellness for the next seven generations.

Programs Offered

  • Gender Based Violence Program
  • Healthy Relationship Program
  • Youth Mentor & Advocates
  • Young Adult Mentor & Advocate
  • 2SLGBTQ+ support
  • Prevention Program


Laurie Becker – Supervisor Email:
Office: (920)-490-3700 ext. 3842
Contact Us – Community Advocacy Form

Business Hours Monday – Friday      8 AM-4:30PM
Typical response time is 1-2 business days

Online Resources
Yonʌhali:yó Community Advocacy – Linktree

New Name – Yonʌhali:yó “A Good Vine”

Gender Based Violence Program

Gender Based Violence Program ,formerly Domestic Abuse, is a program to help those living with and experiencing abuse, to seek help & safety while healing within the family.

We offer legal help, and personal Advocacy because no one should have to feel alone

Knowledgeable staff will educate on the different forms of abuse including:

Women’s Domestic Violence Education Group 
Beading Circle 
Book Club
-Link to Group Flyers-

Our program’s values are on the traditional teachings of our Culture. These teachings are used to strengthen the ways that were forgotten.

+Our Programs helps create a safety plan when:
+Leaving a relationship
+After a violent relationship
+Seeking a restraining order

+Checks cell phone
+Blames others
+Verbally Abusive Explosive Behavior

Statistics and Resources

Native People are 3x more likely to experience abuse than any other race.
ODAP Resources
Yonʌhali:yó – LinkTree Online Resources

For more information contact:
Oneida Domestic Violence Women’s Advocate
Office: 920-490-3719 

Oneida Domestic Violence Women’s Advocate
Office: 920-490-3808

Oneida Domestic Violence Lay Advocate
Office: 920-490-3760 

After Hour Crisis Centers:

Brown county – Family Services 
Crisis Center Hotline at (920) 436-8888

Outagamie County 
24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Line
(920) 832-4646 or toll free at (800) 719-4418

Healthy Relationship Program

On hold until further notice


The Oneida Healthy Relationship Program is a weekly domestic abuse intervention program. This program takes an educational approach using evidenced based curriculum with a Native focus to help offenders understand the complex cultural, social, and historical dimensions of the many forms of intimate partner violence. 


  • Are held accountable for their actions
  • Learn alternatives to violence and controlling behavior
  • Learn about the impact of violence
  • Learn how to identify healthy relationships
  • Learn behavioral, emotional, and physical cues that proceed escalating violence
  • Examine current beliefs and attitudes that need to be re-examined to overcome violent behavior
  • Focus on cultural and spiritual values
  • Learn how historical trauma has led to violence and abusive behaviors
  • Learn about traditional spiritual ways using traditional ceremonies of native people


The Oneida Healthy Relationship Program offers a supportive safe environment for participants to work on tools to change behaviors and take responsibility. 

Reclaiming Culture

In the Oneida tradition, a man would retain allegiance to the clan of his birth, but live “matrilocally” in the longhouse of his wife’s clan. There was a natural element of protection. Iroquois society was organized to maintain a balance of equality between women and men. The women and children were protected from violence. 

The program teaches families that this is not a traditional belief and that it is acceptable and natural for men to have emotions, the same as women and children. Information about historical trauma, boarding schools, the authority and power the government policies had over native people, assimilation and adoption of the western beliefs system is shared and discussed. As a result, internalized oppression and acceptance of these influences led to Native people becoming ashamed of whom they were, and they began disowning their own traditional cultural values and beliefs.

This program helps Native Families reclaim their culture through education, ceremonies, and storytelling.

For more information contact:

Healthy Relationship Community Advocate 
Jennifer Steffens –

Youth Mentor & Advocate Programs

Mission Statement: To help build and foster healing and resiliency within our youth. To teach them empowerment strategies to preserve safety and build up their self esteem using Tsi?niyukwalihoti’ (our ways) as the foundation.

Available Services

  • Advocating/ Mentoring/ 1 on 1 support
  • Group Facilitation
  • Referral Assistance
  • Goal Setting/Empowerment
  • Healthy Identity Support and Personal Development
  • Youth Leadership Development
  • 2SLGBTQ+ Support & Groups


Our goal is to enhance positive qualities the students already possess and help students to see their true potential.
Goal setting/Empowerment

  • Identity Support & Personal Development
  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Develop Positive Relationships & Connections
  • Domestic & Relationship violence awareness

Child and Youth Female Advocate – Native American and descendants female youth ages 6-19 years old
Youth and Young Adult Advocate – Native American and descendants ages 9-25 years old 

LGBTQIA2S+ Resource Hub
LinkTree – Brown, Outagamie, & Online

For more information contact:

Child and Youth Female Advocate
Chrisstara Cornelius
Office: (920)-490-3894

Youth & Young Adult Advocate/Mentor
Byran Halona
Office: 920-490-3797

Prevention Program


The Prevention Program provides quality educational activities aimed at enhancing youth participation, self-esteem, positive life choices and emotional well being as to promote healthy lifestyles and total wellness to youth and community.


The Oneida Prevention Program Taking Responsibility and Initiating Life Skills (T.R.A.I.L.S.) has several Community Advocates that work in the schools and in the community to provide quality educational activities aimed at enhancing youth participation, self-esteem, positive life choices and emotional well being as to promote healthy lifestyles and total wellness to youth and community.
The Prevention Program is not a behavior modification program. Please know that while our community advocates provide quality educational activities to address certain topics, they will not be providing counseling, mental health and/or other professional services.
The Community Advocate’s purpose is to enhance the positive qualities the students already possess and help students to see their true potential.


Facts and Stats About Child Sexual Abuse


  • 1 on 1 youth services
  • Group facilitation at schools and community centers
  • Culturally based programming and practices
  • T.R.A.I.L.S youth summer program 


  • Feelings
  • Self-Image
  • Peer Pressure
  • Coping Skills
  • Body Rules
  • Safe and unsafe touch
  • Five (5) Senses
  • Self-esteem
  • Drug/Alcohol and tobacco Awareness
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Bullying
  • Friendship
  • Life skills & Safety
  • Communication and Cooperation

For more information contact:
Community Prevention Advocate
Veronica Calderon

Community Prevention Advocate
L. Violet RedHail

Coordinate Community Response (CCR)

The Oneida Coordinate Community Response Team (CCR) is currently the longest running Native American led team of its kind in the country.  Formed in 1999, the Oneida CCR is a collaboration of tribal and non-tribal victim service agencies, social services, law enforcement, judges and other court staff, probation and parole officers, advocates, and community members. The CCR Team meets monthly to address current gender-based violence issues and to improve coordination and system response for victims on or near the Oneida Reservation.

Mission statement: The Oneida Nation Coordinated Community Response Team is dedicated to addressing domestic violence, and sexual assault through a multijurisdictional approach rooted in traditional Native Values. Our purpose is to improve the safety of all victims and their families, provide community education, facilitate healing, and hold people that cause harm accountable.

Future Meeting Dates 
Meeting dates land on every third Wednesday at 12:00 PM.  
June 21, 2023
July 19, 2023 3.
August 16, 2023 
September 20, 2023 
October 18, 2023 
November 15, 2023 
December 20, 2023

For more information, please contact
Jennifer Steffens – Healthy Relationships Coordinator

May meeting – Mental Health Resources

Other Mental Health Resources

Traditional Healers

  • Sony Hill – Traditional Healer

  • Mirac Ellis – Traditional Healer Apprentice

    Tsyosha’aht Delgado

Additional/Contact Info