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Cultural Awareness

Oneida Comprehensive Health Division implemented a Cultural Awareness policy on November 20, 2015 to:

    1. Ensure Comprehensive Health Division employees are culturally sensitive and competent in working with individuals from the Oneida Nation and surrounding Tribes.
    2. Establish procedures to enhance the value of services being provided and improve patient satisfaction through meeting the needs of individuals from the Oneida Nation and surrounding Tribes.
    3. Ensure the Health education and disease prevention programs are comprehensive and will consider the medical, psychological, social, and cultural needs of the population to be in compliance with accreditation standards of the organization.

Click here to view the policy..

For more information about Oneida Culture, events and activities, see the Cultural Heritage webpage.


Learning Schedule: 2016

December 2015 Creation Story & Oneida Alphabet
January 2016 Culturally Competent Care
February 2016 Oneida History & Effects of Federal Policies
March 2016 Beings of the Sky World
April 2016 Creation Thanksgiving
May 2016 The Twins
June 2016 Grandmother Moon
July 2016 Intro to Medicines
August 2016 Medicine Societies
September 2016 Men and Women Roles
October 2016 Clans
November 2016 1st Annual Cultural Awareness Event
December 2016 Intro to Ceremonies

Learning Schedule: 2017

January 2017 Midwinter Ceremony
February 2017 Maple  Ceremony
March 2017 Community Cleansing & Women’s History
April 2017 Thunder Moon
May 2017 Seed  Ceremony
June 2017 Strawberry Ceremony
July 2017 Social Dances
August 2017 Green Corn Ceremony & Fasting/Cleansing
September 2017 Artwork, Traditional Attire, Symbolism Designs
October 2017 Harvest Ceremony & Kaliwiyo
November 2017 End of Seasons
December 2017 3rd Annual Cultural Awareness Event

Learning Schedule: 2018

January 2018 Introduction to the Great Law (ITTGL)
February 2018 ITTGL: The Message
March 2018 ITTGL: Meeting the Cannibal
April 2018 ITTGL: Meeting Tsikonhsase
May 2018 ITTGL: Tests from the Mohawks
June 2018 ITTGL-Hyawates Story and The Condolence
July 2018 ITTGL: Peacemaker Establishes Oneida Chiefs
August 2018 ITTGL: Traveling with Hayewate to Oneidas
September 2018 ITTGL: Traveling to Cayuga, Seneca
October 2018 ITTGL: Atotahrho & Onondagas
November 2018 ITTGL: Tree of Peace, Our Circle
December 2018 4th Annual Cultural Awareness Event

Learning Schedule: 2019

March 2019 Introduction to the Wampum (ITTW)
April 2019 ITTW: Formation of the Grand Council
May 2019 ITTW: 
June 2019 ITTW: 
July 2019 ITTW: 
August 2019 ITTW: 
September 2019 ITTW: 
October 2019 ITTW: 
November 2019 ITTW: 
December 2019 5th Annual Cultural Awareness Event
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