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In This Section

Invasive Species Assessment & Control

  • Helps maintain a health ecosystem
  • Removes non-native plants species that crowd out native plants
  • Conduct education and outreach about identifying and removing invasive plants
  • Assist in maintaining Oneida’s Natural Areas

The public can help by contacting us with information regarding where invasive plants are growing or with any questions. You can also assist by volunteering at events set up to control invasive species.

For more information about invasive plants contact Tony Kuchma, Wetland Project Manager at 920-869-4592.

More Links to information:

WI DNR’s Invasive Species Website

Wisconsin Manual of Control Recommendations for Ecologically Invasive Plants

Weed identification and management

Protect trees, forests and your community

Protect your water and stop aquatic hitchhikers

What you can do

Additional/Contact Info