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Parenting Programs

The Oneida Parenting Program will strengthen families and cherish children by providing families with an educational and cultural based parenting program that will give helpful strategies to further the positive overall growth of children and families.

The Parenting Program will add to the family’s capacity to meet the basic spiritual, emotional and physical needs of its members, reduce barrier that prevent people from knowing their importance within their family, develop a family environment that is a source of strength and support, and strengthen sense of belonging among family members.

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Parenting Education Class (PEC)

The Oneida Parenting Class (PEC) is designed to assist parents in understanding and building relationships with their children. This course is recognized by the county and Tribal court systems and meets the requirements needed in court ordered cases. The class (with traditional and cultural components) will teach parenting tools to deal with a variety of childhood challenges to strengthen the parent/child experience, provide information on issues that families deal with today, and teach positive discipline techniques.

The PEC teaches a curriculum called Conscious Discipline. Conscious Discipline is brain and research based. The curriculum is relationship focused, and it all starts with self-healing and behavior changes. In class, we learn new tools and ways of being in relationships with ourselves and with others. Conscious Discipline gives the skills and language we need to be a conscious parent who responds and teaches, instead of reacts and punishes. The skills we focus on help us focus on Safety, Connection and Problem Solving. All of these things together help teach us self-regulation so we can respond instead of react, in turn teaching that to our children.

*We offer multiple sessions per year. Check the class schedules tab for upcoming session information or call for further information and to register.

Check out Conscious Discipline’s website for more information.


Teen Parent Support Group

Teen Parent Support is offered to individuals who are under the age of 20 and are pregnant or have children. The goals of this support is to help teen parents with tools to build a healthy family, assist with the challenges faced by teen parents, develop and define a family environment that is a source of strength and support (to include) community services, and build independent living skills to strengthen the family and those relationships within it. Discussion topics include community resources, health, safety, self-care, child development, nurturing, and culture. Topics based on individual needs and interest. Lessons are approached through various activities including art, discussion, speakers, and trips. This provides a good way for teen parents to connect and share with others who are experiencing similar life events. Incentives for participation, including diapers and wipes, and ‘saving’ incentives for a larger item.

*Currently teen parent support is offered individually. Group support will become available if / when there is a need in the community. Call for the status of teen parent support.

Trauma Informed Parenting Workshop

The Oneida Nation Trauma Informed Parenting Workshop focuses on how to care for a child who has experienced trauma (especially when we have our own traumatic experiences that have affected our behaviors in parenting). Many of us have experienced trauma throughout our lives. Understanding how trauma affects children can help parents make sense of their child’s behaviors, feelings and attitudes; can help parents develop greater insight around how to help their child cope with the effects of trauma; and, help parents understand how to provide a safe and stable home environment. This workshop has cultural components and focuses on healing generational patterns.

We offer multiple sessions per year. Check the class schedules tab for upcoming session information or call for further information and to register.

Check out the National Child Traumatic Stress Network for more information.

Class Schedules

Virtual Trauma Informed Parenting Workshop Schedule:

June 6, 2023 – Tuesdays / Thursdays

Virtual group via Zoom

To register, please contact:

Heather VandenLangenBerg

Individual Support

If current group days/times do not work for someone, or for any other reason the groups are not ideal, individual services are offered. We can work one on one with interested participants after an intake is completed. Anyone doing one on ones with a parenting program coordinator will make goals to determine what their specific needs are. This allows us to focus on person or family specific needs and the ability to ‘customize’ the program to best meet that individual. These services can also be utilized in addition to group for those looking for further support or implementation of the material, or if it is a requirement.

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