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Broad Goals

2020-2023 Term


In the process of strategic planning this term, it was realized that creating a strategic plan with SMART goals may not be effective due to the unpredictability of the external environment. Therefore, the Business Committee identified their priorities and created broad goal statements – similar to vision statements – to express their hopes and aspirations of what can be accomplished in this term. These statements are expected to be communicated throughout the Nation so operations can use them as a guide in programming, budgeting, and decision-making. The priorities listed below are not ranked as they are equally important to the Nation.

Overall Priority Guidance
We believe that land, infrastructure and sovereignty are obvious priorities that shall be considered in programming, budgeting and decision-making for all priorities.

We want healthy Tribal members and will provide an independent health care system to nurture the health of all native people by reducing drug addictions, providing disability support, and improving mental, physical, social, spiritual and emotional health to help them feel safe in their environment.

We want Tribal members of all income levels and family sizes to be given the opportunity for affordable housing by filling vacant homes and meeting all housing needs by fully funding existing and future programs by the end of this term to give them a feeling of security.

We want Tribal members to have accessibility to food and resources that include cash cropping, providing medicines, and creating a sustainable food system by educating our

people, improving existing structures and continuing to explore hemp through the application of sustainable practices to nourish bodies and souls.

We want to provide education from birth to grave by expanding current opportunities for continuous learning by allowing duplicate degrees, certifications, licenses, and through nonconventional ways; to improve relationships with area schools and technical colleges; and through the Oneida Language Program so our members have a feeling of accomplishment.

We want comprehensive language reform by creating a foundation to establish the importance of culture and language by giving increased educational opportunities across the organization, in school systems, offices, the community and in homes; by creating a commission to provide guidance nation-wide; by having a language or culture code to assist in strengthening relationships with other Oneida Tribes; and to support our language immersion program for our communities to come together in harmony to secure our identity and have a sense of belonging.

We want to gain financial security by leveraging our assets and strengths, such as agriculture, tourism, entertainment, and the ability to create our own corporate and tax laws to provide financial independence from Gaming and from the federal government to provide a strong economy where the Nation and community members can
succeed and have individual independence and self-reliance.

We strive to be a responsive, transparent, and efficient government by improving GTC meeting space post-pandemic and amending and reviewing laws that have an adverse effect on citizens because we apply good governance principles to enhance the government structure which increases effectiveness and efficiency to allow for change so our membership feels heard by the government; has a sense of involvement in the government; and has an understanding of the Nation’s laws and processes.

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