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The Oneida Business Committee (OBC) is a nine-member elected body that governs the Oneida Nation when General Tribal Council (GTC) is not in session. The OBC is comprised of four Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) and five (5) at-large Councilmembers.

The OBC has regular meetings every second and fourth Wednesday of the month to conduct official business. The OBC also meets every Tuesday before the regular meeting to discuss the items in executive session which are closed to the public. However, any formal action on items discussed during executive session must be conducted in open session at the regular Wednesday meeting.

At least five (5) OBC members must be present, including the Tribal Chair or the Vice Chair, in order for the regular and the executive session meetings to occur.  Special or emergency meetings can be called in accordance with the Nation’s Ten Day Notice Policy, which is available on the Oneida Register.

How They are Elected

Every three (3) years all nine (9) seats of the OBC are elected in the Oneida General Election. The OBC candidates must be enrolled members of the Oneida Nation and at least 21 years of age. Candidates must also live within Brown or Outagamie Counties. The term of the current OBC ends August of 2023.

Please visit the Elections & Voting page for more information.

Position Descriptions

Council member

Oneida Business Committee salary information

Standing Committees

The following standing committees are focus on specific areas of the OBC’s work:

Audit Committee
Community Development Planning Committee
Finance Committee
Legislative Operating Committee
Quality of Life Committee


Additional/Contact Info