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BC Agenda Request Instructions

The deadline for submitting agenda items for consideration at a Regular Business Committee meeting is 4:30 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding the meeting date. A current Regular Business Committee Meeting Schedule can be found here or by calling the Business Committee Support Office at (920)869-4364 between normal business hours.

Regular Business Committee meetings are held every second and fourth Wednesday of each month, unless a Special or Emergency meeting has been duly called according to the Open Records and Open Meetings Law. The meeting date entered on the Agenda Request Form should reflect the Open session meeting’s date, even if it is an Executive session item.

Items will be placed on the agenda and the item’s title will be determined based on the answers provided on the Agenda Request Form. Changes may be made at the discretion of the Tribal Secretary’s Office.

Session: Choose Open or Executive session. Requests for the Business Committee to consider an item in Executive or Closed session must be clearly explained in writing on the Business Committee Agenda Request Form. The explanation must cite the rule from section 7.4 of the Nation’s Open Records and Open Meetings Law under in which the request is being made under. Examples include attorney-contract confidentiality, proprietary information, contracts which include a non-disclosure clause, personnel matters, etc.

Agenda Header: Choose the appropriate agenda header from the list of items on the drop-down menu list according to what section on the agenda this item should be placed.

Action Requested: Select “Accept as Information Only” if the item will be presented and considered as information only. If formal action is required by the Business Committee, then describe the specific action requested in the space provided. Examples include, “Motion to accept the quarterly report,; Motion to adopt the resolution titled…; Motion to approve the travel request for….’Motion to approve limited waiver of sovereign immunity for Contract #….”

List the additional documents included with the request and submit them along with the Agenda Request Form. Documents of five (5) or more pages are discouraged and should be replaced with OR include a summary report. If you must submit a large document, please contact the Information Management Specialist at: Check the box if a signature is needed on a contract, agreement, or other document submitted.

Choose the appropriate box, if applicable. This is intended to be a quick reference for the Business Committee. Any specific budget information should be included in the memo (see 6. COVER MEMO). If your request has no budget impact, skip this section.

Requests to Present Agenda Items. In accordance with Chapter 117 Oneida Business Committee Meetings law in general, the following individuals are authorized to submit an agenda request to to present items on the agenda of the Oneida Business Committee. “117.7-2(a) Oneida Business Committee Members…”, “(b) Chairpersons of Boards, Committees or Commissions…”, “(c) Direct Reports…”, “(d) Corporations…”, and “(e) Community Members…”.

Primary Requestor/Submitter: Include full name, job title, and department of the person requesting or submitting the Agenda Request Form.

Additional Requestor: Additional signature lines are provided for department use.

Each request must include a cover memo which describes the purpose of the request and brief history/background of the request. You may also provide the reason why the request is ready for the Business Committee’s consideration and you may reiterate or clarify your requested action. The Business Committee will consider items that have been property vetted prior to being submitted to the Committee for action.


Submitting the request:
1)  Save a copy of the form for your records.

2)  Print this form as a .pdf OR print the form and then scan it in as a .pdf file. (This will take the form out of form-field mode.)

3)  E-mail the form with ALL supporting materials in a SINGLE .pdf file to

Submitting a resolution:
If you are submitting a resolution for adoption, please send the Word version of the resolution along with the Agenda Request file to

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