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The Y.E.S program serves as the liaison between the student and the school staff, assisting with academic enrichment, social support, exposure to careers, post-secondary schools, and cultural experiences.

Staff Qualifications

  1. Specialists, are required to have a Wisconsin teachers license
  2. Advocates, are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree
  3. Enrichment Aides, are required to have a high school diploma
  4. Criminal background checks are required for all Y.E.S. Program employees
  5. All Y.E.S. employees are trained in child abuse and neglect as well as CPR and life saving First Aid

Program Services

  1. Collaborate with teachers to develop an academic plan for basic organizational and interpersonal skills building
  2. Tutoring and assistance with homework completion
  3. Monitor attendance and grades
  4. Work to ensure that the youth are receiving the services they are entitled to and are treated fairly
  5. Cultural presentations to the students and the school staff
  6. Field trips to colleges
  7. Attend parent/school staff and/or Special Education meetings as applicable 
Additional/Contact Info