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Child Care Mealtime/Food/Nutrition

We are what we eat so it is important to eat well. Each meal or snack offers balance nutrition to give little ones the energy to be happy, healthy and active. All our menus are reviewed by a dietitian for their nutritional value, so our children are getting a balanced diet. Gathering for meal/snack time is done in a family-style dining where kids learn table manners, serving, setting the table and an opportunity to experience new flavors. Meals or snacks are homemade incorporating Native foods such as corn, beans, rice, squash, fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables when in season are served.

This is a sample of our tasty Menu for the little gobblers:

 BREAKFAST ⇒ Cheese Omelet, Peaches, Toast and Milk

 LUNCH ⇒ Corn Soup, Green Beans, Pears, Summer Sausage Sandwich with cheese on Whole Wheat Bread and Milk

 SNACK ⇒ Pudding, Bug Bites and Milk

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