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Planting Seeds of Knowledge

Seeds Grant Information

A grant program for schools & community groups

Planting Seeds of Knowledge (SEEDS) is a grant program for Wisconsin schools to present qualified Native Artists in their schools.  This grant is funded by the WI Arts Board’s “WI Regranting Program,” and the Oneida Nation Arts Program (ONAP).  The artists and culture educators on our roster are available for interactive and engaging residencies, workshops and performances.  ONAP has background investigations done on each artist on our Seeds Roster, and they are approved for working with children and elders.  View the Seeds Grant Application Forms here.

View the  [ Seeds Artists Roster ] to see our eligible Seeds Artists, and information about their presentations.

Grant Guidelines:

  • Funding is available on a first come, first served basis from September 1 to April 1 each fiscal year or until funds are depleted.
  • Schools may apply for up to 100% of the approved artist fees at the SEEDS eligible funding for school presentations.
  • Schools may apply for up to 100% of the approved artists fees for Teacher In-services and Trainings.
  • Each school within a district may apply for up to $1,500 and/or 1 SEEDS grant per school year.
  • Additional costs are the responsibility of the applying school district or organization and due to the Artist on the last day of their presentation.

Application Process for teachers:

Step 1.) Talk to the Artist. Visit the Artist Roster to learn about their program offerings. Discuss dates, times, fees, and any school rules they need to know about for visiting your campus.  The Seeds Grant Applications are due 6 weeks prior to the artist’s engagement.

Step 2.) Talk to your school administrator about having an authorizing official sign and date your application; or sign it yourself if you’re the authorized official.  If your school doesn’t have a vendor account with Oneida Nation, we’ll send “vendor information forms” for your school to obtain a vendor account with us for purposes of issuing grant awards.

Step 3.) Fill out the Seeds Grant application, Artists Schedule, and Pre-evaluation survey; and then submit these forms to Sadie in the ONAP office. For more info call (920) 490-3835. Applications can be emailed to or faxed to ONAP at 920-490-3839.

Step 4.) Follow up with the artist after your grant application has been awarded or denied to confirm your program or make other arrangements. Finally, conduct a post-survey of the artist’s presentation, and  send it to us. Schools who don’t send the pre and post artist surveys aren’t eligible for another Seeds grant, until we receive all the forms.

Download Application and Forms:

Seeds Grant Application Seeds Artist Schedule Seeds Artist Evaluation Seeds Artists Roster Seeds Program SOP



Funding for these grants is made possible by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Oneida Nation.

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