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About the Oneida Museum

We invite you to experience our hands-on area, view original Iroquois artwork, take a walk though the nature trails and visit the Three Sisters Garden. The Museum Gift Shop brings you contemporary Oneida and Iroquois arts and crafts, music, books and DVDs. Corn Husk Dolls, beadwork, jewelry, clothing, art cards and much more can be found in our gift shop. We also offer items from other Native American tribal artists!

The Oneida Nation Museum opened in 1979 with a small collection obtained from community members. In 1994-1995, the Museum purchased a large portion of the Turtle Museum Collection in Niagara Falls, NY, which was closing. This nearly doubled our collection size.

Oneida Nation Vision Statement:

A Nation of strong families build on TsiɁniyukwalihó·tʌ and a strong economy.

Oneida Nation Mission Statement:

To strengthen and protect our people, reclaim our land and enhance the environment by exercising our sovereignty.

Cultural Heritage Mission Statement:

To preserve, protect, maintain, and interpret the Oneida traditions, artifacts, language, customs, and history in a manner that shall promote the dignity and respect of the Oneida people and culture.

Oneida Nation Museum Mission Statement:

The mission of the Oneida Nation Museum is to provide accurate information about the Oneida and Iroquois culture, history, and nationhood. This is accomplished by developing, preserving, and expanding resources and collections, and by providing exhibits and other educational programming. The Museum also displays and promotes Iroquois artwork. The Oneida Nation Museum shall provide a unique and enlightening experience that can be interpreted to all ages for the next seven generations.


  1. Offer a variety of experiential programs to preserve and increase the knowledge and understanding of the Oneida Culture.
  2. Continue with the Capital Improvement Project for the Cultural Center.
  3. Educate and communicate our cultural values/beliefs and history to other Tribes and general public.


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