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Community Project Submission

The Oneida Business Committee will consider proposals for projects from Oneida Tribal members. If you have a project idea, you can submit your ideas to the Business Committee during their regularly scheduled meetings held every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. You will need to follow existing protocol on submitting an item to the agenda. You can find the directions on how to submit an item to the agenda online at

In short you will need to:

  1. Determine which usage category your project proposal corresponds to:
      • Direct Membership Assistance
      • Affordable Housing
      • Food & Agriculture
      • Education
      • Culture & Language
      • Revenue Generation
      • Government Roles & Responsibilities
      • Overall Priority-Land, Infrastructure & Sovereignty
  2. Prepare a cover letter or memo with your project proposal and usage category, it would be best to be detailed yet concise.
  3. Complete the BC agenda request form.
  4. Email both items to the following email address:
  5. Make sure to provide your contact information.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the BC meetings are held hybrid-virtually and in-person. On the day of the meeting, you can join in person or via a Microsoft teams link or you can request to be called into the meeting and can join via telephone. If you need further assistance with adding an item to the BC agenda, please contact the Government Administrative Office at (920) 869-4364.

For more information please contact Jameson Wilson, Project Coordinator at the Government Administrative Office.


Phone: (920) 869-4481

Additional/Contact Info