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Social Media Policy and Submission Form

The Oneida Nation Social Media policy is intended to protect the tribe and its employees. The Oneida Nation is required to protect its information assets, to safeguard its customers, intellectual property and reputation. This policy is not intended to inhibit the use of social media by tribal entities, but rather aid and assist them in safe and practical use.

Tribal entities must register their social media accounts with the Secretary’s Office:

Social Media Form

Social Media Form

ex. Facebook, Youtube, etc..
Separate names with commas. Ex. John Smith, Jane Doe, etc...

Maximum file size: 134.22MB


Note: You are not required to provide your personal username and password for Oneida Facebook accounts. Instead follow these instructions when setting up or operating a Facebook account on behalf of the Nation. These instructions only pertain to Facebook accounts [per Social Media Policy 4 – 3. (b)(1)].