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Census 2020


The next Census invitation will be distributed in mid-March 2020 and is due April 1, 2020.  Residents will be able to complete the form online, by phone, or through the mail.

The Census is important because it affects:

  • funding in our community ($675 billion is distributed per year in the United States)
  • planning for future development projects (neighborhoods, schools, health facilities, roads, etc.)
  • distribution of Congressional seats to states and legislative districts

It is extremely important for everyone to complete the Census, but even more so for those enrolled with the Oneida Nation.  In the last Census there were only 7,325 enrolled Oneidas who identified themselves as members of the Oneida Tribe of WI in the entire United States. The count of 7,325 enrolled Oneidas is far below the 16,597 enrolled members at that time.  Many enrolled Oneidas from Oneida Nation may have been counted as Oneida Indian Nation of New York, because they just wrote “Oneida” on the Census form.

It is important we fill out the questionnaire correctly in the section on race.  The American Indian or Alaska Native box should be marked as well as printing ONEIDA NATION.  This will guarantee that the Census Bureau receives accurate information from our enrolled members.  Below is how it should look:

If you have any questions or would like additional information, the Oneida Statistics Office can be contacted at 869-4360 or via e-mail at

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U.S. Census is Hiring


It’s not too late to apply for a temporary part-time position with the 2020 Census. Apply to earn extra income and help your community.


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