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Business Committee Candidate Resource Center

The Business Committee Candidate Resource Center is designed to educate potential Oneida Business Committee nominees on the nomination and election process. The video below will provide an overview of the election process. Please browse the below sections to assist you in becoming an official candidate for the Oneida Business Committee.

Information Sessions for Potential Candidates


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked Questions for becoming an Oneida Business Committee Candidate


Qualifications for Oneida Business Committee Members?

  • Enrolled Oneida
  • 21 years or older
  • Resident of Brown or Outagamie county

How to get on the Ballot?

There are two ways to get on the Ballot:

First, the Caucus process – The 2020 Caucus will be held on March 14 at the Norbert Hill Center in the Business Committee Conference Room.

  • Be nominated and present at the Caucus to accept the nomination
  • Complete the forms in the Caucus packet & submit to the BC Support Office by the deadline five (5) business days after the Caucus date during normal business hours.

The second way to get on the ballot is the Petition process – Request a petition packet from the Tribal Secretary’s Office if you were not nominated at the Caucus or from the BC Support Office after the Caucus

  • Complete the Petition form by gaining ten (10) signatures of qualified voters
  • Complete other forms in the petition packet
  • Submit to the BC Support Office by the deadline five (5) business days after the Caucus during normal business hours.

What positions are up for election on the Oneida Business Committee (OBC) this year?

All nine positions are up for election this summer. They include the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and five councilperson positions.

What is the timeline for the election process?

  • Caucus will be March 14
  • Primary Election will be May 16
  • Election will be held in July 4
  • Inauguration will be held August 13

Who can vote in the election?

All enrolled Oneida members over the age of 18 may vote.

What is the General Tribal Council (GTC)?

Article III of Oneida’s Constitution identifies that the General Tribal Council is the non-elected governing body of the Nation.  GTC is only in session when 75 or more members are gathered at a duly called meeting.  GTC is comprised of all enrolled Oneida, 18 years & older.

Who can contribute to my campaign?

Candidates shall only accept contributions from members of the Nation or individuals related by blood or marriage.

Where can’t I campaign?

Candidates shall not solicit or accept contributions in any office or business/facility of the Nation.

Employees of the Nation shall not engage in campaigning for office during work hours.  (Employees shall be subject to disciplinary action)

What about campaign signs?

  • Campaign signs shall not be posted on any property of the Nation except private property with owner’s permission.
  • Signs shall not exceed sixteen (16) square feet in area, maximum of seven (7) signs may be placed on a building or lot.
  • Signs shall not project beyond the property line into the public right of way
  • Signs shall be removed within five (5) business days after the Election.

Primary Election process:

  • The Primary Election will be held May 16, 2020.
  • The purpose of a primary election is to narrow down the number of candidates running for any given Business Committee position.
  • If there are three (3) or more candidates running for an officer position, the two (2) candidates receiving the highest votes will be placed on the General Election ballot.
  • If there are sixteen (16) or more candidates running for the five (5) council members positions, the fifteen (15) candidates receiving the highest votes will be placed on the General Election ballot.
  • A Business Committee position not getting the designated number of candidates listed above can be removed from the Primary ballot.
  • In the event of a tie, candidates who tie will be included on the general election ballot.
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