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Newly Elected Oneida Business Committee Sworn In

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The newly elected Oneida Business Committee was sworn in on Friday, August 25 at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center. The committee will serve a three-year term ending in 2026.

Left to right: Councilwoman Jenny Webster, Councilman Kirby Metoxen, Chairman Tehassi Hill, Councilman Jameson Wilson, Vice Chairman Brandon Yellowbird-Stevens, Treasurer Larry Barton, Secretary Lisa Liggins, Councilman Marlon Skenandore, Councilman Jonas Hill

Chairman Tehassi Tasi Hill
Tehassi Hill re-elected to his third term as Chairman and fourth term on the Business Committee. Tehassi is the son of Vickie Cornelius and Ron Hill, he is married to Michelle Powless Hill and they have a beautifully blended family of 8 children and many grandchildren. Chairman Hill has been a strong leader for the Oneida Nation and was challenged with a precedent setting administration during the world wide COVID pandemic, almost throughout his entire last term. Despite a nearly total operational shutdown, the Oneida Nation leadership was able to continue medical attention and institute health care updates and vaccinations throughout the entire state of public health emergency. Chairman Hill represented Oneida in a historic win in the Supreme court upholding Indian Child Welfare, an action that was a strong show of support for Sovereignty across Indian Country.

Vice-Chairman Brandon Yellowbird-Stevens
Brandon Yellowbird-Stevens has been re-elected to his second term as Vice Chairman and his fourth term on the Business Committee.  As a strong proponent for health education and youth, Vice Chairman Stevens has been pivotal in providing the leadership support necessary to see the Oneida Nation overcome many obstacles through the public health emergency. Brandon also was a key negotiator in leading Indian Gaming in Wisconsin to amend the Oneida compact to include sports-betting. Brandon is the son of Cheryl and Ernie Stevens Jr and has three children and he and his partner Ashlee will soon welcome a new Oneida citizen.

Treasurer Larry Barton
Larry Barton is our newly elected Treasurer but is not a newcomer to the Business Committee, previously Larry served on the Oneida Business Committee as a councilmember.  Larry has also served as the Chief Financial Officer for the Oneida Nation for 13 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the office of Treasurer. Larry is a member of the Native American Finance Officers Association. Larry is the son of Julie and Robert Barton and is married to Jane Barton and they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Secretary Lisa Liggins
Lisa Liggins has been re-elected to her second term as Secretary.  Lisa also served on the COVID core decision making team of Oneida professionals who were responsible for developing and implementing countless emergency orders through out the COVID public health emergency.  Lisa led the core team through policy development and creating the SAFER AT HOME declaration to provide as much protection and safe keeping to our community. Lisa is the daughter of Carole Liggins and granddaughter of the late Allen and Alfreda Green.  Lisa and Thurston Denny have two children.

Councilmember Jenny Webster
Jenny Webster is our senior councilmember re-elected for a 4th third term and is anxious to continue her goals for healthcare and improving the quality of life overall for our community.  Jenny previously served on the Oneida Appeals Commission for 3 terms and also served on the Oneida Trust Enrollment committee and is dedicated to sustaining the Oneida membership into the future. Jenny is married to Don Webster and they have three children, and 3 grandchildren. Her and her husband have owned a business on the reservation for the past 22 years. Jenny is the daughter of the late Gordon and Betty McLester.

Councilmember Kirby Metoxen
Kirby Metoxen worked for the Oneida Nation for more than 30 years to improve the quality of life for the Nation through initiatives in housing, health care, education, tourism, and economic development. He also strives to increase our visibility throughout the state and build community partnerships to continue to ensure economic sustainability for generations to come. Kirby is the son of the late Russell and Jeanne Metoxen, his children are Eli (Alebra) Metoxen, Mercy (Levi) Metoxen, Schuyler (John) Metoxen and he has 16 grandchildren along with 6 great grandchildren.

Councilmember Jameson Wilson
Jameson Wilson is newly elected councilman with an Associate Degree in Business Management and a Bachelors degree in Environmental planning and policy his priorities are aimed toward mental health, technology, energy, community and economic development and diversification and housing.  Jameson comes to the council from a position which worked daily with the BC as Project Coordinator for the BC.  Jameson has a vision for rebuilding our Nation together with compassion, kindness, empathy and optimism.  Jameson is the son of Lois Metoxen-Strong and Donald Wilson, his grandparents are Louise Peters and Patterson Metoxen and Vera Skenandore and Owen Wilson. Jameson is married to Melissa Bloedorn and they have a son Paxton Wilson.

Councilmember Marlon Skenandore
Marlon Skenandore newly elected with an associates degree in Business Administration and his priorities are aimed at the youth, food sovereignty, economic diversity, community wellness, and technology.  He has experience in Oneida Administration managing our Food Pantry and has served on the Youth Leadership Board for three years.  Marlon is the son of Kelly Skenandore and Kevin Decorah, grandson of the late Loretta and Kenneth Skenandore. He has a Fiancé Allie Spruce and father of Mariana, Damien, Dyllan and Quinton Skenandore

Councilmember Jonas Hill
Jonas Hill is newly elected to the Business Committee and comes from the Oneida Gaming Commission with a degree in Business Management. A graduate of Oneida Nation High School, Jonas has been a part of the community ever since a young kid helping his great grandma at the DO DO club. To Helping his mother at church with many breakfasts and funeral meals. To Helping his grandpa throughout his youth years and learning how to garden. Also learned the word’s CHUM and CHIEF from his grandpa at a young age while chumming around the rez. His two most important goals are to have a spectacular transparent relationship with the community and to communicate in the best way possible so everyone can understand! His son Jonas Jr AKA Gunnar is his pride and joy. Jonas is the son of Laura Hill and Norbert Elm, and grandson of Carol and the late Norman Elm, and the late Kenneth and Delores Betty Hill.