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Chairman Hill attends Inflation Reduction Act celebration

Government Administrative Office

Oneida Nation photo

Oneida Nation Chairman is pictured with President Joe Biden at the White House during the September 13, 2022, celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act. The act lowers prescription costs, health care costs, and energy costs for millions of Americans. It also commits $468 million to Indian Country.  

Government Administrative Offices

Oneida Nation Chairman Tehassi Hill was formally invited by the White House to attend the September 13, 2022, celebration of the Democrat-led Inflation Reduction Act. Signed into law August 16 by President Biden, the robust $740 billion-dollar supplemental tax and spending package includes $468 million earmarked specifically for Indian Country. Chairman Hill’s attendance at the celebration is in support of the Oneida Business Committee’s (OBC) Broad Goals of Government Roles and Responsibilities.

“With the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, tribes are eligible to receive additional federal funding to address a wide array of issues,” Chairman Hill said. “Some of these issues affect tribal members directly while many affect tribal nations as a whole. This law proposes to lower the cost of healthcare, provide opportunities for household energy efficiencies, clean energy production, and much more.”

This legislation includes significant tribal-specific provisions to assist Nations who have been at the frontline of the climate and clean energy issues. A total of $220 million will be allocated for Tribal Climate Resilience and Adaptation at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Another $145.5 million will go towards Tribal Electrification Programs, $75 million for Tribal Energy Loan Guarantee Programs, $12.5 million for Tribal Emergency Drought Relief, and $10 million for tribal fish hatchery operations and maintenance programs, with another $5 million marked for the administration of these programs.

In addition to its tribal provisions, the Inflation Reduction Act is designed to bring down health care and energy costs across the country and create thousands of jobs while at the same time reducing climate pollution. The act also recognizes the role farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners play in addressing the climate issue by providing USDA assistance and support to those underserved areas.

To learn more about how the Inflation Reduction Act will assist tribal communities, please visit FACT SHEET: How the Inflation Reduction Act Helps Tribal Communities – The White House.