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The following links are for Native American and other organizations that provide services to Native American families in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center

The Indian Health Center provides preventive, diagnostic, routine and ongoing health maintenance care. In addition,our providers can make arrangements for seeing dentists, specialists, if necessary, and/or hospitalization.


This is a quick and easy way for people in Wisconsin to get answers to questions about health and nutrition programs.


Share’s nonprofit food buying club offers good, nutritious products at reduced cost through a volunteer-run, community-based distribution system.

The Wisconsin Pink Shawl Initiative

This was established to raise awareness and educate the American Indian community and people worldwide about breast cancer.

Spotted Eagle Incorporated

This is a federally funded non-profit organization that exists to assist American Indians in their efforts to successfully enter the workforce.

American Indian Chamber of Commerce

The American Indian Chamber of Commerce exists to promote economic development in Wisconsin Indian country through directed service delivery to American Indian entrepreneurs.

Siggenauk Center

The Siggenauk Center offers a Food Bank and Clothing Bank for Native Americans in Milwaukee county.

Indian Community School

This is a privately owned and operated intertribal school educating American Indian children from 4 years old kindergarten through the 8th grade.

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